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Strategic Positioning

Based on comprehensive risk management, relying on integration and innovation, and focusing on the intelligent manufacturing of high-performance materials and terminal products, Chambroad is committed to providing product solutions for aerospace, protection and modern transportation! 

Enterprise Vision

To become a global leader in intelligent manufacturing of high-performance materials and terminal products

Enterprise Mission

Committed to national defense security, aerospace support and individual life protection

Enterprise responsibility 

Create three high-quality environments for employees; Provide customers with product solutions

Chambroad Aramid 

Provide product solutions for aerospace protection and modern transportation 

Company Profile
Shandong Chambroad Polyarylether New Materials Co., Ltd. is a new material intelligent manufacturer integrating R&D, production and sales and co-financed and established by Chambroad Holding Group and Tsinghua University. As a key construction project of Shandong Province, the high performance aramid paper and auxiliary project with an annual capacity of 5,000 tons of Chambroad Polyarylether Company is listed into the implementation planning of major project of old kinetic energy conversion into the new one. 

Shandong Chambroad Aramid New Material Co., Ltd.