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Corporate Style

Fair, patriotic, innovative, studying hard, humility, self-discipline, magnanimous, repsonsible, democracy, harmony, not shirking responsibility, not venting anger, not making the same mistake, respecting superior, helping colleagues, making subordinates achieve and partners grow, respecting the senior and helping the weak, following the fate with benevolence and filial piety. 

Corporate Spirit:Bearing hardships, dedication, economy and drawing sword

Corporate Values : Integrity, contribution, improvement and altruism 

Outlook on Life

Poverty teaches me treasure my blessings, growth teaches me gratitude and reponsibility teaches me expand. 
Outlook on Development : The Company grows depending on operation now, innovation later, training for a longer time and culture for the remote future.  
Outlook on Talents :Identifying character, checking degree, focusing on ability and performance, selecting talents with good eye, cultivating with ability, using with courage, managing with mind, and keeping with charm. 

Outlook on Innovation 

Do what others don't want to do, can't do, haven't done and can't do well. 
Outlook on Operation : Making requests to superiors, meeting demands of subordinates, operating capital, financial risk control, a just cause enjoys abundant support while an unjust cause finds little support, selecting and cultivating team to output culture. 
Outlook on Management : Managers rarely care about themselves and are employees-centered and customers-oriented.