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The Group's technology center sets up 15 research institutes with different directions and 1 designing institute, arranges twelve innovation centers in Qingdao, Jinan, Xi'an, Wuhan and Dalian for scientific and technical innovation centering "one core, four sectors, nine industrial groups", which employ full-time scientific and technical staff of more than 500, including staff with master and doctoral degree as well as medium- or high-grade professional titles accounting for 60%.

Shandong Jufang New Material Co., Ltd.

Since the establishment of technology development center in 2000, the Company have successively undertook 7 important projects such as national science fund, major scientific and technological innovation project, key R&D program, etc., held 99 authorized invention patents, 42 authorized utility models, 7 scientific and technological progress awards, 4 patent awards and 24 scientific and technological achievements. At present, the Company has nine ministerial and provincial-level scientific research platforms such as "National High-tech Enterprise", "National Petroleum and Chemical Industry Key Laboratory of Olefin Polymer with four and five Carbon Atoms ", and "Olefin Catalytic and Polymerization of Provincial Key Laboratory of Shandong Province", "Shandong Provincial Enterprise Technology Center", "Shandong Province Academician Workstation", "Post-doctoral Scientific Research Workstation", "Shandong Province Environmental Microbial Agents Engineering Technology Research Center", "Shandong Province Sulfide Engineering Research Center", etc.

According to the operational modes of "one center, one company and two institutes", the Company deepened the 1520 university-enterprise cooperation project and built twelve innovation centers across China in core cities such as Jinan, Qingdao, Xi'an, Dalian and Wuhan, etc., During which it has cooperated with more than 60 universities, scientific research institutes and top institutions of expertise including Tsinghua University, Beijing University, Zhejiang University, Tianjin University, Nankai University, Washington State University and Albemarle, Haldor Topsoe, Afton, Agilent, etc. to develop industry and education, innovate scientifically unifying university and enterprise to realize a win-win situation.